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My name is Zara and I have a fiery passion for designing handbags. I've always wanted to have a business of my own so I initially started by making jewelry then transitioned to handbags. Whenever I'd go shopping, if I didn't find anything that would fit me I could at least find a necklace or handbag or some accessory that I would fall in love with and take home. ACCESSORIES ARE ONE SIZE (for the most part) so they'd always fit me!

zarachioma zara bennett burgundy faux fur top handle tote bag handbag purse

After perusing through Aldos (which was my favorite accessories store back then) multiple times a week to see what was new, I kept finding myself saying "Maaaan, I can make that" or "if it came in this fabric/color it'd be so bomb." Long story short I decided to start learning how to sew handbags. My mother is a seamstress and so was her mother (may she rest in peace) and I thought, how hard could this be?? Well, my mother has only sewn clothes so my first clutch was a bit of a challenge for the both of us. 

zarachioma zara bennett handbag tote

Several months later of trial and error, YouTube tutorials and one on ones with my mom, I finally got the hang of sewing a basic clutch. This was so empowering for me and honestly, every woman should have this feeling at some point in their lives. I began to play with colors and textures and decided that basic was BORING. Now don't get me wrong, I love a basic outfit but I always pair it with a bag that STANDS OUT. This is what I try to accomplish with every piece for ZaraChioma.

zarachioma zara bennett

Stylist Dani Michelle says that our mood effects what we want to wear and how we want to present ourselves... I am a HUGE believer of this and I hope I continue to deliver "a mood" that you crave in my brand ZARACHIOMA.

2019: My goal is to have my pieces manufactured but until then it's me that's cranking out each bag at my sewing machine in my cute loft apartment in Houston.

2022 Update: My designs are now being manufactured! God is good.

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