What's in my Denim Micro Mini Bag?

What's in my Denim Micro Mini Bag?

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You've seen those "What's in My Bag?" videos on YouTube, so I decided to show you what I carry in my ZaraChioma denim micro mini tote. I have to be honest, I am a habitual over packer/hoarder so the the fact that mini bags are now in trend is a HUGE help for me. It forces me to edit what I bring and ask myself... self, do I really need to take this with me? No longer do I feel like I need to bring random knick-knacks that ultimately just end up in the bottom of my bag never to be seen again.

Here's a few essentials that I can fit inside my mini denim tote bag:

Image result for gold credit card holder

Wallet (duh lol) - I carry a sleek gold metal case for my debit cards and ID

Image result for fenty beauty blotting powder

Fenty Beauty Blotting powder - because I can get incredibly oily throughout the day and I need it

Image result for aquaphor healing ointment

Auquaphor - this is a super thick Vaseline-like moisturizer. I use it to coat my lips and hands




business cards - I slide a couple of business cards for zarachioma.com in the inner pocket

Image result for fenty beauty gloss bomb

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb - for when I feel like I need a little extra shine on the lips

Image result for air pods

headphones - to listen to podcasts while I shop or to talk on the phone to keep my hands free...also to ignore strangers :)


Signature Collection Warm Vanilla Sugar Travel Size Body Cream - Bath And Body Works

lotion 3 oz - nobody likes ashy hands 


iphone - it's an 8+ and also my lifelineImage result for iphone 8 plus

Image result for quay sunglasses 

sunglasses - because it's still 1000 degrees in Houston


As you can see, the ZaraChioma Denim Micro Mini Tote fits exactly what you need to get around and you can purchase it here. So, what goodies do you put in your purse?


zarachioma denim micro mini tote handmade purse




photo: @sweenshots

model: @amandaonyx

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