tiger print drawstring mini tote bag zarachioma

7 Ways to Wear Tiger Print and Not Look Like a Cartoon

Yes, they're GrrrRRRREAT! but nobody wants to look like Tony the Tiger so her's a few ways to incorporate the other animal print that's not leopard. Tiger print can serve an elevated yet fun feel but it's all about the actual color of the print and how large/small the print is.

Wear it boldly, all over. Just own it.
OR wear it as an accessory
animal tiger print drawstring mini tote bag zarachioma
The easiest way to throw on some tiger print is in an accessory and this cute little drawstring mini tote bag is from zarachioma.com and can be found HERE. It's the perfect way to add tiger print into your wardrobe.
Sprinkle it into your outfit.

Animal prints aren't only reserved for leopards but for tigers too.

ZaraChioma 💜

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